Spontex Mini Cleaning Kit

Here at Spontex, we know your home is never more important than when you’re preparing for a new arrival, but we also understand you might be feeling a bit short on energy for getting things the way you want them! As your nesting instinct kicks in and you feel the urge to clean everything in sight, rely on Spontex to make housework less effort, helping you get back to some much needed rest!


Spontex Washups, the UK’s favourite sponge scourers, are made with stop grease technology, so they don’t retain grease and stay cleaner and efficient for even longer, making them ideal for keeping your dishes sparkling, one less thing to worry about as you await your newborn!


Spontex Everyday Protect are strong and long lasting rubber gloves with multiple layers that provide extra strength and an anti-slip grip. Thanks to their ultra fresh® treatment, they are protected against the development of bacteria, providing longer lasting freshness inside the gloves. A comforting barrier between you and the things you’d rather not be touching whilst you’re carrying your little one!


Spontex Microfibre All Purpose is a great microfibre cloth for general cleaning as it’s specifically designed to remove dirt and dust. With a thick 3D weave it easily tackles dirt and dust even on delicate surfaces, leaving a brilliant finish. Best of all microfibre cloths can remove 99% of bacteria using only water, ideal if you’re avoiding chemicals for health reasons or just because they smell awful to your newly sensitive nose!


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customer reviews REVIEW THIS PRODUCT
Georgia - April 2018

Am in nesting mode!


I am well and truly in nesting mode, so this has done the trick.

Christel - March 2018

Cleaning equipment


Even though handy, maybe not the best gift in third trimester.

Tanya - May 2017

Cleaning time


Not used yet, but have used one product before

Zoe - April 2017

Good quality, hard wearing


These products are great. Nice and strong cleaning products, I particularly loved the micro fibre clothes, its great for getting shiny no smear surfaces arpund the home.

Emma - February 2017

Just want I need


Everything I need to have a good clean

Kelly - January 2017

Microfibre cloth


I hadn't tried a microfibre cloth before but my mum swears by them. Have tried this one and thought it worked. It's quite thick and really absorbant. I would buy these again.

Leanne - January 2017

Good gloves


I like the Spontex gloves - they are really soft and seem a lot thicker than my last pair. I need to buy them in large size now to get my husband on the case with the cleaning - haha!

Rosie - January 2017

Nesting mode


I always thought nesting was just a silly thing people say but I can't believe how much I've felt the need to get everything clean and tidy before my baby is born. This box makes lots of sense now and I have made use of everything in it - particularly the Spontex kit.

Alannah - January 2017

The best


I always buy Spontex as their products last loads longer than supermarket ones. I was pleased to get these in my box.

Jamie - January 2017

Handy little set


Perfect little set, now he has no excuse than to clean and let me rest :-)

Rach - November 2016



Believe it or not, getting this in my box made me happy - I love a brand new cloth and am in full-on cleaning mode at the moment!

Anna - November 2016

You beat beat Spontex - they're the best!


Robyn - October 2016

Fab kit for nesting


Rubber gloves always handy for me and sponges and cloths will always be useful

Lara - July 2016

Great idea


Stephanie - April 2016



Been meaning to replace my old tattered cloth so now have a whole new kit - no excuses now!

Kate - April 2016

Nesting here we come!


Great kit to get me started