Microfiber Cloth

Pampered Chef

It’s hard to believe that such a sweet bundle of joy can generate so much mess! Keep this stylish Pampered Chef Pink Zebra Microfibre Towel close at hand to mop up any drips or spills. The towel is super absorbent, but beautifully soft so is ideal for cleaning up after baby and drying bottles. The Pampered Chef is the premier direct selling company in the UK for high quality kitchen tools. Consultants demonstrate multi-purpose kitchen tools at interactive, in-home cooking shows. If you are looking for a flexible earning opportunity to fit around your family.


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Kerri - October 2015

love it


Very soft and dries excellently

Georgie - October 2014



Such a beast of a cloth - like a towel, have put it in my kitchen. Really nice quality.

Lucy - September 2014

The best!


This cloth is brilliant! Big and good quality.

Davina - August 2014

Makes cleaning glam


Love this cloth! Who would have thought you could feel glam cleaning!

Amy - May 2014

Brilliant cloth


Brilliant Cloth

Sarah - May 2014



I was interested to try this out. Not sure I'll totally go this way, but great to find out more. Nice pattern too.

Maisie - April 2014



Such a great big cloth - covers a lot of surface and is much better than the cheap ones you get at supermarkets.

Laura - January 2014

Big and soft


A really big cloth which looks like it will last for ages. Nice quality. Thanks.